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As a Teacher...

"Performing, composing, and pedagogy all go hand in hand, and are all important pillars in being an artist. I believe all artists are deeply indebted to  those who have shared their time, energy and passion to enlighten the next generation.

I would not be here if it weren't for the people who guided me along the right path, and showed me encouragement as a developing musician.

I believe strongly in passing down the knowledge that I have been blessed with from all my teachers, to young aspiring students from any discipline. Whether it be saxophone, flute, piano, theory, composing, or singing, I enjoy sharing knowledge with ambitious students."

Pawan has taught private lessons, masterclasses, ensembles, as well as theory and ear training lectures world wide. He has also served as a director, associate dean, and has authored curriculum for college level courses. For more more information on teaching and lessons please visit the Contact page at the top of the website.